Who Should Participate

Innovation Baraza invites all Zimbabwean Innovators to bring forward game changing ideas and new approaches that challenge the norm and improve Zimbabwean lives. We are accepting applications from all sectors.

Do you have an idea for Better Infrastructure? A Better Community? Better Resources? Better Energy? Better __________? 

Does your innovation improve lives? 

If so, we want to hear about it.

How it Works

We invite you to submit your idea and be the next big innovation.


Submit your idea by 26 June 2015 to be one of the 40 exhibitors at the live judging session on 10 July.


10 innovators will be chosen to deliver a 5 min pitch of their idea in the action packed “Innovator’s Hunt.”


Only five of the most promising will be selected to go through to the prestigious Simba Savannah Investors Forum.

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What about my IP? Will innovation baraza steal my idea?

Absolutely not. Your submission will remain strictly confidential and you are not forfeiting any rights by submitting your idea. Our core team will evaluate your submission and if selected you will be contacted with an offer to participate in the Baraza. Innovation Baraza is a facilitator, not a venture capital company. We are here to help you realize your idea, not take ownership of it.

How will selections be made? What if my innovation is not ICT?

Innovation Baraza is about exciting innovations. The exhibition will be curated for a diversity of ideas but innovation is the primary qualifier. We are looking for ideas that are innovative, viable, and have the potential to improve lives. We don't care what sector you come from.

How much will I be paid if my innovation is selected for the Baraza?

A stipend will be given to selected teams to cover cost of transport and other incidentals.

I still have a question!! 

Email us at Africa.Better@innovationbaraza.com and let us know!